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Tovi Sorga contactless payment bracelets and key fobs contain a hidden chip, powered by Pingit. 

It's quick and easy to load funds from your UK debit card to the chip via the free Pingit app.

Then you're ready to pay touch-free, up to £45, wherever you see the contactless symbol.

At over 530,000 UK retailers

Perfect for day-to-day shopping - from grabbing a quick lunch to a wild night out!

Travelling abroad 🍹

Wherever you see the contactless symbol abroad, you can use your Tovi Sorga bracelet to make quick, secure payments.  You’ll be charged in sterling and can track your spending through your Pingit app after you shop, for extra peace of mind.

Pingit makes it quick & easy to send & receive money

The Pingit app links your phone number to your bank account, making it fast and simple to pay and get paid by a UK registered mobile number.

It’s also free for personal use, whether you’re making or receiving mobile payments.

To use Pingit, you just need to be over 16, have a current account with any UK bank and a mobile phone that’s registered in the UK, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man.

Once set up, there’s no need for sort codes or account numbers. It’s as simple as texting – just find a contact in your address book, enter the amount and send or request money straightaway.

Assign different devices to specific jars in real time to gain more control over your spending.

Jars are also a great way to collect money from friends and family for a joint birthday gift, the annual weekend away or paying a bill.

Simply create a personalised jar for all of those important plans, and then recycle, rename and reuse, again and again.

What happens if your device is lost or stolen?

Report your contactless payment device lost or stolen through the Pingit app and it will instantly become blocked.

Informasi Penting

You can make purchases with your device wherever you see the contactless symbol. For Pingit payment limits, visit - Retailer payment limits may apply. Pingit is subject to application and acceptance of T&Cs.

To register your device with Pingit you must be 16 or older, have a current account in the UK and be a resident of the UK, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey. The device can be used for payments for a minimum of 2 years. For more information and full T&Cs visit

Kami di sini saat Anda membutuhkan kami

At Tovi Sorga kami dapat membantu dengan pertanyaan apa pun yang mungkin Anda miliki tentang aksesori kulit mewah kami - mulai dari masalah ukuran hingga waktu pemberian dan pengiriman. 

Hubungi kami 07904 097691or kirim email kepada kami.

Kami akan menjawab pertanyaan Anda sesegera mungkin.

For any queries or concerns relating to the chip or payment functionality of your own Pingit device...